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With extensive research, testing and tasting we have sought to bring you the traditional and authentic taste of the south. Each with its own unique regional flavour, you too can travel the United States as a sensory experience. Our wings are made up of what is locally known as ‘Drums’ (the drumstick) and ‘Flats’ (the wingette) and are thick, juicy and delicious. We offer three exciting flavours including Original Fried, Flamin’ Cajun (Fried) and Texas BBQ (Rotisserie) partnered with your choice of 32 different flavoured sauces…we know ya’ll gonna love ‘em.


A traditional staple of New Orleans (pronounced Nawlins) and heavily influenced by the colonisation of the French, this simple yet tasty sandwich packs a punch of deliciousness like no other. Served on a fresh cut 8” French Roll, with lashings of ranch slaw and just enough popcorn shrimp or juicy chicken breast, you too will be surprised by the simplicity, yet greatness of the Po’Boy.


Inspired by the different states that make up the region our burgers are named after the areas that reflect the different flavours. Our thick and juicy chicken breast portions are cooked to perfection and will melt in your mouth. Encased in a fresh and hot toasted bun and coupled with just the right amount of salad, then drizzled with sauce, you’ll keep comin’ back for more.


From our delicious Breakfast Po’Boy served on a fresh roll to our English Muffins or our traditional southern style chicken, you’ll find something tasty to get you going in the morning.

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More about Wingtopia

Connect to the taste of America's Deep South

Wingtopia was born from the many travels to the United States and their love of Chicken Wings, especially in the Deep South. The southern states of Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana all have a deep and wonderful connection to food. The history, common values and faith have always united them in a bond like no other, with meals and family at the centre of it all.